Ian Houghton graphic ident

Performing since the age of 8, Ian is an experienced actor both on stage and screen.

Bringing huge passion and enthusiasm to every project, Ian has an excellent feel and timing when it comes to comedic roles, but is equally at home in tense, hard hitting dramatic parts.

On stage Ian has performed in the West End and National No.1 tours as well as excelling in smaller studio theatre environments.

Hailing originally from North London, Ian has also displayed his versatility in playing characters from around the globe:

Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Yorkshire & Lancashire (Multiple Members of Parliament in This House), German (Soldat Manfred in War Horse), Devon (Sergeant Allan in War Horse), American East Coast (Dr Robert Artinian in The Best Man), American West Coast and Deep South (David O Selznick in Moonlight & Magnolias), American Mid West (Hal in Proof), Scotland (Eddie in Gagarin Way), Texas (George W Bush in Decade - Temptations), Sweden (Carl-Hendric Andree in Where did it all go wrong?) and Wales (Robert in Boeing, Boeing).