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Presenting Testimonials

Global Security - Hotel Safety Films

Ian’s exceptional on-screen talents have made these videos both engaging and credible.

Simon Crane
Director of Operations
Global Security

Peugeot Vans

From the moment we met Ian at the audition for our campaign he stood out as a consummate professional. He had learnt a lengthy a script in preparation and was really warm and welcoming, which for a big project is really important.

We worked with Ian on 4 videos within the campaign which was roughly 8 filming days. Throughout the process Ian was an absolute joy to work with and made our lives so much easier on set. Always arrived early, accommodating and flexible to work around us where needed. Not only would Ian have learnt the separate 6-8 page scripts thoroughly but he delivered them with passion and hit the tone we needed it delivered in perfectly.

Ian is a top class presenter and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him and ask him back for shoots where I need a great presenter.

Mat Butler
Electric House

Ford & Fordson on Film

When I'm working with Ian I know I can relax about so many aspects of recording a script to camera. Ian is always prepared, usually word perfect and happy to make suggestions about tone or inflection. He seems to have an innate sense of what's appropriate for whatever it is he's working on and manages to develop an understanding of the subject matter which adds to the credibility of his delivery.

His enthusiasm and good humour make him easy company and I value this as sometimes the conditions we’re filming in can be very testing!

Ian is a true professional and a pleasure to work with.

Alan James
Second Sight Productions

All Our Lives Documentary

Having worked with Ian on three separate occasions I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. He has natural qualities that so many working presenters have to work very hard for. In a profession where time is money Ian delivers no matter what the subject matter, a true professional. I look forward to the next time Ian.

Mark Baxter
Big Box Productions

Playoff Finals Event Presenter

Having organised the Ice Hockey Play-Off Finals Weekend for the past five years, I am well aware of the importance of having a good presenter. It needs to be someone with humour and confidence. It needs to be a person who will work well under pressure, and stick to strict timings, even with 7,000 screaming fans behind them. And of course it needs to be a professional. I can honestly say that working with Ian for the past couple of years has been a pleasure. He knows when to work the crowd, creating an electric atmosphere, and when to ensure clear concise announcements to ensure sponsors are happy.

Nothing I have ever thrown at Ian has fazed him. Last minute script changes are never a problem, and his answer to everything is 'yes, I can do that' which is exactly what you need during the pressure of an event such as this. I can honestly say, that Ian holds together everything that is happening in the arena bowl, regardless of any near disaster occurring back stage. I would not want to organise this event without his help and support and can thoroughly recommend his services.

Hannah Skinner
Director of Events
Little Fish Events